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Our team of certified passive fire protection installers and fire protection contractors carry out each job with precision and attention to detail. You won’t find a more professional commercial fire protection team in Auckland.

Safety Consultants

Experienced fire safety consultants provide an ideal solution that is completely customized for your project’s needs. Your safety is always our number one priority, and we ensure that you meet all relevant safety standards.

Project Management

As an experienced and comprehensive fire protection company, we provide hassle-free project management services as we take care of construction alongside passive fire protection projects.

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Welcome to Passive Fire Installations!

Passive Fire Installations Limited was started as a professional fire protection company in 2011, and in the past decade, we have truly gone from strength to strength.

The company has undertaken and successfully completed several residential, commercial and infrastructure projects during this time. Our noteworthy projects are power stations in the Central North Island and Auckland International Airport and Vector substations.

When dealing with Passive Fire Installations, you’ll always receive top-quality service, with our hard-working team of fire protection contractors always going the extra mile and ensuring that your project is completed on time and to the highest standards.

Our Services

Here at Passive Fire Installations, we offer a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products and services so that you can have all of your needs taken care of by one cohesive team. Our services include:


Passive Fire Installations Ltd offers you intumescent painting, a fire-resistant coating that acts as a preventative and smoke-stopping measure toward fire and extreme heat, protecting your property. This is a very popular product that is very reliable in its results.


Fire-rated duct wrapping ensures the safe operation of your HVAC systems and acts as a prevention level for the spread of fire on your premises. We, Passive Fire Installations Ltd provide you with this top-quality product, as well as its installation.


Fire doors act as a barrier to minimise any damage that a fire would potentially cause to your property. We, Passive Fire Installations Ltd provides and installs products that are well worth the investment and have the power to save lives in the case of an emergency.


To provide you with an all-in-one solution, our fire protection contractors also take care of your project management needs. This allows you to sit back and relax as we ensure that everything is properly taken care of.

Fire stopping MAINTENANCE

We are one of the few passive fire-stopping contractors who take up complex infrastructure maintenance fire-stopping works. If you need any maintenance performed on your current fire protection solution, we are the team to call.


Here at Passive Fire Installations Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products and services so that you can have all of your needs taken care of by one cohesive team. Our services include:

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

We use construction QA software to generate comprehensive reports of all works done on-site. QA report enables planning and carrying out any changes to the property in the future and helps provide hassle-free council signoff.

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Construction and Civil Limited

Group Zanar Is Our Parent Company And Can Assist You With Any Construction Services You May Need. Why Not Construct With The Same Trusted Team You Use For Fire Protection Services In Auckland!

With 35 Years Of Professional Passive Fire Protection Experience

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Comprehensive Range of Commercial Fire Protection Services

At Passive Fire Installation, we offer our commercial fire protection services to a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients. During our many years of experience, we have helped create fire protection plans and solutions for many different types of buildings and businesses, including airports, schools, office blocks, blocks of flats, restaurants, and so many more. This has provided us with a wealth of highly valuable experience.

Whatever type of building you own, we can create an effective fire protection solution that keeps your unique needs in mind. We offer our services throughout Auckland and surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to go above and beyond to help our clients know exactly what they need to in order to be fire safe. To uphold this commitment, we have compiled a handy guide of frequently asked questions and answers for your convenience. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist with!

1) What Are Fire Stopping Services?

Fire stopping services make use of systems that form the basis of construction in New Zealand. In addition to passive fire protection (see below), fire stoppers and doors are used to provide a combined level of fire protection. The goal of fire stopping services is to contain a fire as quickly as possible and limit any further spread. Fire-deleting elements are balanced carefully with considerations for fire escape routes in order to ensure optimal safety. Talk to your fire protection company about a tailor-made strategy for your premises.

2) Do Passive Fire Protection Companies Have To Adhere To Formal Regulations?

Yes. In fact, passive fire protection is a very specific component of New Zealand’s fire protection strategy, and companies need to conform to stipulations as set out in the building regulations. Choosing professional fire protection contractors is the best way to ensure compliance and your safety.

3) What Is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection is an “always on” form of fire protection incorporated into your building’s structural level. These construction elements are installed to delay and subdue any fire that might occur, often making use of materials with a fire-resistant coating in order to slow down the fire spread and earn valuable time to evacuate the building.

4) Why Are Fire Protection Services In Auckland Important?

Ensuring that you have the right passive fire protection system is extremely important for the safety of anyone that uses the building. It is also a legal requirement, so you do not want to be caught without the proper safeguards in place. Fires can wreak havoc in a very short span of time, so always ensuring that you have the right passive fire measures in Auckland is the best practice.

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Whether you are interested in our fire-resistant coating or getting a comprehensive fire protection plan from our fire protection contractors, feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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