Fire Resistant Coating

There are a number of things that commercial and residential properties can implement in order to slow down the spread of fire should an accident occur. One of these things include using fire resistant coating.

At Passive Fire Installations LTD, we offer a range of fire prevention solutions, including utilising fire resistant coating to help improve the fire resistance of a building. Enhance your building’s fire safety with fire resistant coating from Passive Fire Installations Ltd.

What is fire resistant coating?

Fire resistant coating is a non-flammable product that is designed to self-extinguish when directly exposed to heat/fire. This means that it does not melt or drip when exposed, while also being difficult to ignite. 

Fire resistant should not be confused with fire retardant – these terms, while similar, are actually different. Although they work in the same vein that they both help to stop the spread of fire, their meanings still slightly differ from one another.

The difference between fire resistant and fire retardant

The main difference between the two lies in their production.

Fire resistant refers to materials or substances that have been made with naturally fire resistant materials, whereas, fire retardant refers to materials or substances that have been treated with chemicals to make them resistant to burning.

How Passive Fire Installations LTD Can Help

Passive Fire Installations LTD can assist with your building’s fire resistant coating requirements, effectively improving the fire resistance of your property. Minimise the chance of dangerous fire accidents with Passive Fire Installations’ range of passive fire safety solutions. Protect your building today.

Fire extinguishers for protection fire at high-rise buildings

Applications of fire resistant coating

Fire resistant coating can be used for many applications. You will usually find them applied in commercial and industrial buildings that may be susceptible to fire (such as a restaurant). Fire resistant coating can be applied to combustible materials that you will find in a building, both interior and exterior. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cladding
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Pipes
  • And more…

In the event of a fire, fire resistant coating will help prevent the spread of fire, reducing the damage to surfaces that have been coated. This allows more time for evacuation and emergency personnel to arrive at the scene before there is severe damage to the building. Get in touch to learn more.