About Us

Our History

Passive Fire Installations Limited was established back in 2011, giving us over a decade of experience in the industry. Our fire protection company has been part of a number of high-profile infrastructure projects, including Central North Island and Auckland International Airport.

We are very proud of the passive fire protection systems that we have designed and installed over the years.

We have a parent company called Zanar Construction and Civil Limited, and they help us bring knowledge and experience in building construction to the market.


Here at Passive Fire Installation Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of smoke stopping and fire sealing products that provide effective fire prevention solutions for a variety of applications.

Passive Fire Products are designed to slow the spread of fire to minimise damage and the risk to life. They include:

  • Fire rated wall linings
  • Fire rated doors
  • Wall penetration protection
  • Identification systems

Not sure what fire sealing products would best suit your needs? As experts in the field, Passive Fire Installations Limited can save you time and money by installing the right products to meet compliance regulations and make your building safer. We are more than happy to offer you expert advice and develop an effective fire prevention plan, making use of our professional products.

Carefully Selected Fire Sealing & Smoke Stopping Products

All of the products we use in our passive fire solutions have been chosen for their quality, testing, reliability and more. We ensure that all products are in line with relevant building codes in New Zealand. At the end of the day, our clients’ safety is our priority, which is why quality, reliable products are so important to us.

We are completely transparent with the brands we work with and that is why they are listed on this page.

Comprehensive Installation Services

Here at Passive Fire Installation, we don’t simply sell you fire prevention, fire sealing, and smoke sealing products. We offer comprehensive installation services for these products. No matter what type of building you own, we can come up with a preventative plan that is in line with all relevant building codes. Our team is highly experienced with the products we use, and you can rest assured that the installation will be completed with efficiency and precision.

Do you have any questions about our fire prevention products? Our team at Passive Fire Installation are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Future Goals

Our goal for the future is to take on ambitious projects and successfully deliver projects on time within budget. We want to continue to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with our customers, ensuring a strong customer base and a steady flow of jobs.

Our Team

Our team of passive fire experts in Auckland consists of 2 project managers and an admin with the company director at the office. We also have three site supervisors with three passive fire stopping installers who work under them. Each member of our team has been handpicked for their experience and work ethic.

Where we Offer Our Services

Our company is based in Grafton, Auckland, but we operate all over the North Island.

The market we operate in are commercial and residential construction, commercial and residential property maintenance, interiors build, infrastructure build and maintenance.

What We Do

  • Commercial fire protection
  • Residential fire protection
  • Fire stopping services
  • Smoke stopping services
  • Custom passive fire protection system
  • Fire-resistant coating
  • Fire sealing

Why Choose Us

We offer a hard-working and dedicated team willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is completed on time.

We offer high-quality fire-stopping solutions, using trusted products from the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.