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Here at Passive Fire Installers, we are very proud of the diverse range of residential and commercial projects that we have been a part of over the years, including various power stations as well as the Auckland International airport. We treat each project with the attention and precision that it deserves, sticking to timeframes and producing excellent results.

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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection, contrary to what the name might suggest, is actually always active and at work in order to protect you. You may be familiar with a number of fire suppression methods such as sprinklers or fire extinguishers, but are you as familiar with the fire-stopping power that a well-planned passive fire protection system can offer you?

Passive fire protection is the installation of certified products to contain and slow the spread of fire on your property. This includes structural protection guarding essential structural components such as structural steel and joint systems from the effects of fire.

Firestopping materials are also used to limit the fire spread through penetrations in the fire barriers, such as around plumbing and electrical pipes.

The ability to stop and/or contain a fire at its origin point cannot be overstated. It is the invisible and yet life-altering protection every family and business needs. One of the biggest reasons you need to ensure that you adopt the methods of safety prescribed by passive fire protection in Auckland is the ability of these systems to compartmentalise a fire and potentially prevent structural collapse. In addition to this, it delays the spread of the fire, allowing more life-saving time to handle the emergency at hand.

There are a number of ways in which passive fire protection can be used, namely:

  • Structural fire protection which guards the structural components of the building against fire damage
  • Compartmentation which employs the use of fire barriers
  • Opening protection which accounts for necessary escape routes through fire doors, windows and more
  • Fire retardant or fire-stopping materials such as cable coating, walling, joint systems and more

At Passive Fire Installations Limited, we help you ensure that your passive fire protection is compliant and safe. Talk to our fire safety consultants today to make sure your passive fire protection is in working order.

Ensuring You Are Compliant with all Building Codes Relating to Passive Fire Protection.

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Do you want to ensure that your commercial or residential building meets all building codes related to passive fire protection? Perhaps you want to go the extra mile to ensure that your family, employees, and property are protected in the case of a fire. Here at Passive Fire Installers, we offer customised fire protection services in Auckland, making use of top quality products from trusted manufacturers.