Commercial Fire Protection

When it comes to commercial fire protection, a lot is at stake. Not only can a fire harm your business’s offices but customers and employees could be injured. 

When it comes to fire prevention and fire stopping, most people only think about sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers These are active fire suppression technologies. While such systems and tools are certainly necessary and extremely important for extinguishing fires, there is much more that can be done to ensure that a building is properly protected against fires.

Passive fire protection interventions can ensure that your business meets New Zealand’s fire regulations for commercial premises, and can minimise the risk of a fire decimating your business.

Why Install Passive Fire Installations?

These installations protect your customers and employees, who are the lifeblood of your organisation.

Passive fire installations also protect your property by reducing the risk of a fire spreading out of control before it can be attended to. These installations can help to minimise the damage a fire can do, particularly when personnel are not around to extinguish it or when automated fire suppression systems are faulty or insufficient.

Installations will protect your property and ensure that not only your premises but also your equipment and your stock remain unharmed in the event of a fire.

What Does Passive Fire Installations Ltd Offer?

We at Passive Fire Installations Ltd offer a range of passive fire installations to comprehensively protect your commercial property against fires.

Among these services is passive fire stopping, as well as fire-resistant intumescent painting. We also offer the installation of fire-rated duct wrapping, as well as the installation of fire doors. 

Our project management service ensures that you are offered a single solution, with expert fire protection contractors handling every step professionally for you.

We also offer maintenance services for any of the passive fire installations you may already have, ensuring that they are up to code and in good condition.

Make it a priority

Fire stopping and prevention should be prioritised beyond mere regulatory requirements, as an uncontrolled fire could completely ruin your offices and put lives at risk. 

Passive fire installations ensure that your business is as protected against fire as it possibly can be.