6 tips to improve fire safety within a building

Fire safety measures are measures you hope are never needed in reality, but if the unexpected happens, you need to make sure you’re covered. After all, lives are at stake, so anything that you can do to make your building even safer should certainly be implemented where possible.

At Passive Fire Installations, we can optimise the fire safety procedure of your building so that every aspect is accounted for, and we have 6 tips for you to implement within your own building

  1. Emergency Exits and Evacuation Procedures

Employees might moan; ‘Oh no, another fire drill?’, but nothing is more important than knowing what do to in the unlikely event of an emergency. Drills aren’t done to annoy people, but on the contrary to save lives.

  1. Keep your bins fire safe

It’s vital to ensure that your waste is disposed of properly; therefore, designated waste areas that are kept tidy and away from doorways are paramount to fire safety.

  1. Have regular inspections

Regular inspections are crucial, and this goes for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and anything in between that relates to the fire safety of your building. An official fire safety inspection should happen yearly, though you should always keep it in mind through the rest of the year.

  1. Train your staff regularly

Much like with inspections, yearly training is hugely important in ensuring staff are constantly vigilant and fire safety conscious. Fire safety is a continuous process and not just a ‘one-and-done’ instance.

  1. Always check electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are generally among the main reasons for fires, so it’s vital that you monitor and inspect the safety of these electrical appliances on a regular basis.

  1. Fit Carbon Monoxide detectors

Faulty heating appliances can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, and it’s possible you or your employees will be none the wiser. It’s something of a silent killer, so detectors are crucial in keeping your building safe.

Do you have all the passive fire protection you need to ensure your building’s safety? If not, then look to Passive Fire Installations for everything you need in this area.