Home Fire Safety Tips From A Leading Fire Protection Company

At Passive Fire Installations Limited, we are a fire protection company that believes it is essential for Kiwis to be prepared for the worst. Knowing how to evacuate and call for help safely is essential, as well as also being educated on fire safety and prevention. 

Fire Alarm Batteries Should Be Replaced

While this seems obvious, too many forget about their fire alarms after the batteries run dead. Without a working fire alarm, your home is unprotected. Make a note on your calendar to check the batteries in your fire alarm regularly, and remember that fire alarms should be replaced every ten years. 

Take Care Not To Overload Double Adapters, Multiplugs And Power Boards

Running out of power points is annoying, leading many to plug double adapters into multiplugs or several multiplugs together to create plenty of room to plug in electronics. Many don’t realise how dangerous this practice can be as it puts far too much strain on the circuits and can cause a fire. If you are regularly running out of plug points, it’s worth the expense of calling in an electrician to set you up with as many as you need safely. 

Keep An Eye On Hot Appliances While Cooking

Most of us have stepped away from the stove just for a minute while cooking to take a call, answer the door or check up on the kids. It is so important to keep your full attention on any hot appliance when using it, as it can go up in flames before you know it. If you are cooking and need to step away, turn the appliance off until you can safely return.

Keep Your Fireplace And Chimney Clean

If you’re one of many Kiwis that enjoy time near the fireplace on a cold day, be sure that you are cleaning out your fireplace and chimney often. Be sure to keep objects away from the front of your fireplace by at least a metre, and don’t keep anything above the fireplace. 

Keeping your home, loved ones and belongings safe from fire is essential. Working with a fire protection company to install systems and products that are designed to prevent fires in the first place, along with some that slow the spread of fire with the aim of minimising risk to life and other damage, is essential. 

Passive Fire Installations has a wide range of smoke-stopping and fire-sealing products for your peace of mind. To get started on ensuring you are protected from fire, contact our expert team today.