Navigating the World of Cutting-Edge Fire Protection Systems

How can you tell when a fire will strike your home or workplace? There’s no way to be sure. A fire can happen by accident — for example, due to someone dropping a cigarette — or started deliberately by vandals. However, our fire protection company can expertly aid clients in preparing for potential blazes. 

Of course, if a fire emergency arises at your New Zealand property, you should call 111 straight away. However, fire protection systems such as the following can hinder the fire’s spread.

Active Fire Protection

Fire protection measures can be sorted into two broad categories: ‘active’ and ‘passive’. Active systems act directly to reduce the fire’s growth or smoke migration. Notable examples of these systems include:

  • Fire-alarm systems: These can set off an alarm when smoke or heat is detected, giving occupants of the building valuable time to evacuate it.
  • Fire-sprinkler systems: Upon picking up evidence of a nearby fire, this kind of system can sprinkle water to extinguish at least some of the flames. 
  • Smoke-control systems: Given the grave danger of smoke inhalation, such systems can be literally lifesaving in hampering smoke’s migration to egress routes. 

All in all, active fire protection can effectively counter the threat and, depending on the system, even call the local fire service. 

Passive Fire Protection

While devices can provide active fire protection, building components offer passive fire protection. Here are examples of passive fire protection products we are able to install or use at clients’ properties: 

  • Fire doors: Through having fire-rated doors fitted to a room’s entrance, you can ensure that if a fire breaks out in the space, the door will be capable of helping to contain the fire’s spread. 
  • Fire-resistant coating: If none of your building’s walls are rated for fire protection, applying intumescent paint to those walls would be one way of addressing the issue. 
  • Fire-rated duct wrapping: At the property, this wrapping can not only further assist in preventing the spread of fire but also enable onsite HVAC systems to run safely. 

[CTA] Installers from our fire protection company can fit various passive systems at residential, commercial and industrial properties across the NZ city of Auckland and surrounding areas. To enquire about drawing upon any of the services we offer, please ring 09 820 0703 or email