What You Need To Know About Your Passive Fire Protection System

Many people tend to think of fire protection as something that happens after a building is already built, and in some cases, especially for older buildings, that could be true. However, passive fire protection systems are actually components that are included right from the start of the building process and are often already planned out before the building even begins. 

That means that there are elements used right from the structural outset that are intended to form part of your fire protection. Here at Passive Fire Installations Limited, we love to share more knowledge and insight so that you know exactly what to expect. Let’s take a look!

What Exactly Is A Passive Fire Protection System?

A passive fire protection system is a structural system that slows down or impedes the spread of fire. It is a vital building component that enables the building to become more resilient to the passage of fire, as well as heat transfer and smoke. While the name might suggest that this is a dormant or “passive” system – the truth is that this system of protection is always active or “always on”. That is because it is built-in protection from the structural level up and includes components such as fireproofed building materials, structural mechanics and joining systems, and even fire doors form part of this system.

Why Does A Passive Fire Protection System Work?

The goal of a passive fire protection system is to maintain the integrity of the building structure for as long as possible in the event of a fire. Why? Because the more time you have, the more time that is created through this system, and the more it helps people to exit and escape the building safely. Additionally, these systems prevent the leakage of smoke during a fire event which is a major cause of fatalities. Passive fire protection systems save lives. 

Trust The Experts – Get A Fire Protection System You Can Rely On

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